I write. I paint. I film. I croft.

A passion for sculpting stories propels my life.

Alongside a passion for working on the land. 

I seek an active dialogue with audiences: locally, nationally and internationally.

I lead TrixPixMedia.




Aurora Films Ltd

I ran Aurora Films for 20 years, creating film, multimedia and cultural projects throughout Europe and mentioned elsewhere on this site.


Milburn Land Management

In parallel, I ran Milburn Land Management with greenwood-worker Colin Milburn for 10 years making benches and structures, and undertaking SSSI scrub clearance, coppicing and horse logging.

We bred Traditional Hereford Cattle and Gloucester Old Spot Pigs and direct marketed their produce on a Duchy of Cornwall farm.


the early days …

The Ballad of Knight’s Low

Graduation Film, School of Film & Television, Manchester Polytechnic

Screened at Cornerhouse Cinema Manchester Tyneside International Film Festival



My first film: about learning to drive in Manchester.